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LONG LIVE THE SPARK: A Sparky Shipper's Picspam and Manifesto

In this recent stargateland challenge I had to show tribute to my favorite couple in the Stargate fandom. I was going to do Kolya/Elizabeth my crack couple as a joke but I thought I would go ahead and show my love for Drumroll please............SPARKY! What a surprise?!

Before I begin, I will start in genral as to why I LOVE this couple. I got into them from reading a Post Common Ground Sparky fic by anuna_81 but as I got to see more on SGA I got to see how much they are (and I say ARE because in my mind BLOODY LIFELINE DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!) good for each other. Mainly for John, it was her encouragement that brought him out of his shell! To him it was something John needed after the hard times....anyway without further ado I bring thee.....the scenes that make Sparky Great in......

The Immediate Trust

This scene is unique because of the fact that this occurs probablly days after they met. The fact that John is a stranger in her life and yet moments after she steps through the gate and receives the bottle of campange from Jack O’Neill she turns and raises the bottle to John tells me two things.

One she absolutely and posetively trust him and two she has high hopes for him. It shows how from the beginning she was always John’s biggest cheerleader and always will be (in my headcanon she’s still at Atlantis).

John Tears The City Apart When He Thinks Kolya Killed Elizabeth

In this scene you start to see how much John cares about Elizabeth and how much he would do to save and protect Elizabeth. I mean he killed fifty five men in Anguish. It also goes to my other point…..Kolya is the ultimate Sparky Shipper. He often spawns feelings.

Sparky Becomes Mr. And Mrs. Smith

While we know that what happened after the galactic space couple invaded their consciousness, there is the fact that Sheppard voluneteered to be “Elizabeth’s counterpart” makes me think, though his motivation would be as usual that he was doing it to protect Elizabeth, he thought wow this is his way to be with Elizabeth since he was too shy to make a move!

When We Bleed We Bleed The Same

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these two episodes The Real World and Common Ground aired next to each other especially since we have the same concept going, one is suffering and the other one has to watch.

But the only difference between it is that John despite the risk of him being infected with nanites as well in TRW he wasn’t helpless to saving her. Elizabeth however doesn’t have the luxury to rescue John from Kolya in CG and despite the fact she is following and respecting wish to let himself suffer if it means the Atlantis team not giving in, she feels guilty for not risking it all to save him like he did for her.

The two episodes also show how much these two care for each other, in a way….if one suffers the feels the pain as well just as intensely

The Hug

To end on a fluffy note…..this scene needs no explaination on why this makes Sparky an awesome couple. This is just adorable!

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