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Ancient City Bingo, Friends Give Me Ideas

So I got a card for [Bad username: ancientcitybingo] here it is

So I need a few SGA prompts inspired by each square to get this done. So I will leave this card out to my friends to give me ideas....just for a guide here is some guidelines for posting the prompts.

I ship, John/Elizabeth AKA Sparky, John/Rodney, Ronon/Teyla, Elizabeth/Kolya (Yes I am that Adventurous....fear me), Cadman/McKay, Ronon/Keller I am willing to be adventurous to try new pairings, but please no McKeller or anything with Woolsey.

Types of Fics I love to write smut, whump and whumpy parts with smut in it. Types of fics I WILL NOT write, Mpreg and deathfics.

So choose a square or two and prompt away, each person who does gets a shoutout in my fic =D
Tags: adventures in writing, fan fiction, fandom, stargate atlantis, writing
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