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Let's Talk about Philinda

So there is something on Tumblr called "Melinda May Apperciation Week" So I decided to write some Meta on Philinda...doesnt contain too much Spoilerers enjoy:

Lets talk about Philinda.

Their story starts years long before the Batte of New York. Long before TAHITI. Their story is clouded in mystery, all we know is that something happened in Baharain and things changed. Melinda May wasn’t the same and shut herself away. Years passed, heroes rose and agents fell. And Phil Coulson finds himself after dying, trying to make sense of it, start over and trying to find a team to call her own.

Here’s where we come in.

Phil chooses Melinda to be part of his team, something that distinguishes May from the orginal members pre Skye.

He promises her, that he wouldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to. Despite resistance she eventually agrees with the promise that she will only drive the bus. (Of course later she changes her mind). Even then we see Melinda putting herself in a situation that can trigger her and open old wounds because she trusts Phil. She knows he would never intentionally put her in harms way. The trust is twofold. Melinda isn’t a stranger to Phil, she’s a friend and ally. He knows this will be good for her maybe bring back her confidence which was long burried behind papers of a desk.

We learn later there was alterior motives for Melinda’s addition to the team but even then we knew there was something special between the two of them.

The story progress and Melinda decides to come back to the team. After battes with thugs, aliens and monsters we reach a pivotal moment.

Phil still troubled, by his death and revival. He discusses his feelings with Melinda. He tells feels weird, odd….like theres something there that shouldn’t and then it happens.

Melinda asks him to open his shirt. Phil questions the idea behind it, but when he looks into her eyes he finally agrees. Here we see his scar for the first time, a long deep line burried deep in his ches What’s going to happen now? He is most likely wondering. Is she going to stare? Is she going to gasp in Disgust? She does neither. Instead her hands you his chest running her fingers against it.

He NEVER flinches. He stands still and looks at her.

The gesture alone is more powerful than her words. Its the sign that hes alive. Its a sign she’s there for him. It’s a sign….he needs her and she’s his other half.

The tides begins to change and their relationship is put to the test.

It begins when Phil is kidnapped by Centepede. For the first time we see Melinda stripped and vulnerable. Her usually stoic face is twisted in horror as he’s taken away from the fiery scene. So many questions run through her mind. Is she going to lose him again? She cannot bare to think to go through the pain again.

Even when they find him she watches as he struggles now more than ever to find out about TAHITI, what they did to them……it isn’t that she doesn’t want to know….she knows too much.

It is why we learn, she is there… protect him. To tell Fury everything Phil finds out because the consequences will be dire.

Phil finds out about this when SHIELD falls to HYDRA. Even after Melinda tells them she did it to protect him, because she cared…Phil reacts horribly to her. He screams he yells, shooting down everything she has to say. Is it because he wants to shut her out because he now knows she is more to him than just an ally? Or was it because he was truly mad the one person he trusted with her secrets lied to him.

Either way. It takes a ghost from his past, Audrey Nathan, to finally make him realize he’s lying to Audrey for the same reason Melinda lied to him…

Out of love and out of protection.

Phil finally says “I am going to make things right with May.” But by the time he decides this it’s too late. Melinda leaves.

Melinda could only handle so much reminding herself why she was there. But even then she breaks.

“I was there for Coulson,” She says before journeying as far away as she can. However we learn she doesn’t just leave to save herself from pain. She’s finding answers, which she finds burried deep within six feet of dirt.

She soon returns to him with the answers. Phil is relieved to see her there, almost believing she would never come back to him and fix the broken relationship.

But here she is continuing the fufill her purpose. To protect him.

She will always returns to him. She needs him, just as he needs her.

The story of Phil Coulson and Melinda May isn’t a story out of a fairytale. There is no magic, no dragons and no princes and princesses. Their story is more real and more gritty

Its the story two people….two BROKEN people who have been through heaven and hell. It’s a story of love and heartbreak. It’s the story of the impossible. It’s the story of trust. And above all a story how two people learned to depend on each other and weather no matter what horrible storm comes their way.

In a show with aliens and monsters, there’s reality….it’s beautiful

So….let’s talk about Philinda.

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