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Why Can't All Writers Be This Cool? AKA Writers + Social Media

Why am I the last one to find out these things?

I just found out two minutes ago George R. R. Martin the writer of Game of Thrones has a livejournal, I am slowly catching up to that show I and I am reading the books. House Stark FTW....I think I love Ned a bit too much and I know what happens to him.

God it made me wish all my favorite writers like J.K Rowling, Suzanne Collins or damn even Joss Whedon had a LJ blog. That would be flipping cool. I mean yeah some of them have Twitter and stuff. But I think it's cooler for writers to have things where it could be easier to contact. I remember years ago when MySpace was in its heyday I was reading alot of books by Ellen Hopkins.

The reason I love her books is because they are told in Verse not in regular form. Because alot of books about controversal topics like....teen prostitution and attempted suicide I had alot of questions. Not only did she answer them by personally comming onto my MySpace page and answered my questions....even started a conversation with me.

I think more writers should go onto platforms like this one. It would be so much fun and so much easier to talk to them.....-sighs- It's a dream but I doubt that would happen.

Thought I would comment I thought it would be an interesting topic to talk about.
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