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I need a good post where I can flail about Fandom (which is going to be my New Years resolution try to get more fandom posts in). So here it is...I am going to talk about the Recent Episode of S.H.I.E.L.D gave us all a fucking heart attack. Now I am going to put my thoughts behind a LJ cut. I only ask if you a LJ Spoiler which I think the tag is < lj-spoiler > blahhhhh ....cause seriously i made that mistake once NEVER doing THAT again. Or like put in the subject of the entry SPOILERS AHOY DON'T case people want to comment about what about to say about Joss Whedon and read it accidently.

I am going to start off by saying which is not a spoiler whether you watch anything in the Whedonverse whether it be all of his shows or only one (Browncoat fan here) JOSS WHEDON....JOSS FUCKING WHEDON is a genius. But at the same time....he's a god like George R. R. Martin he knows how to play with our emotions whether it be, joy anger or happiness. Now onto the spoilers

1) The episode itself is intesne. I think theres alot of scenes of redemption especially on Mike's part. He is trying to turn around his misdeeds from the pilot and become good again.

2) Speaking of Mike he better not be dead. Yeah I ship Skye/Ward but god I started to ship him/Skye. I mean he had the extremist virus. He could have been like Peper in Iron Man 3. Remember when we all thought she was dead and it turned out she didn't die? Maybe it's like that or Joss Whedon is being Joss Whedon and wanted to stone wall another ship.

3) FITZSIMMONS! Seriously, I shipped them from the beginning and that end scene with them holding each other again reaffirmed it.

4) I don't know why with Centipede taking Coulson all I could think about was that Episode of Stargate Atlantis "Common Ground" where Sheppard was kidnapped by Kolya and fed to the wraith.....I also kinda thought about Michael Kenmore for a second....but thats just me, it could be my obsession with that show.

5) Still waiting for Clintasha to swoop and help the team save Coulson....even though Clintashas all like angry Phil faked his death....well if he really died. Please guys making us happy I mean you had Fury and Hill XD

6) Speaking of Ships OH MY GOD MY COULVARY (the ship name for Melinda and Coulson Established by Clark Gregg himself) FEELS. Okay I think Melinda needs to step back with Ward (though I think the idea is creative) and be with Coulson. She has MUCH more chemistry with him than with Ward....I mean can you see the way she cried when he was taken? Melinda is badass! She NEVERRRRRRR CRIES!! Thats love right there

7) Judging from the episode that will air in January.....I think Coulson is about to enter woobie serious woobie mode

Leaving the floor open to you guys! Rememember be careful of spoilers!
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