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Rare Pair Request Letter.

Hello Rarepairs Writer/Artist

I'm excited to have you creating something for me. I've provided some brief notes for each of the fandoms/pairings below, with a general likes/dislikes list right at the end. Most of it is more directly relevant to fanfic but if you wish to do fan art I am also okay!

Star Wars OT

Lando/Luke - I have always saw this couple as a cute couple. So I want nothing but fluff for these two. Maybe the two of them in a happy domestic married life? Maybe the development of this relationship, how they get together. Maybe even make TFA less angsty by having Lando live with Luke on Achtoo. Either way this is my favorite pairing for Luke. So I would love a fic about them just make it happy!

Biggs/Luke- All I want to see is Biggs survivng the Attack on the Death Star and being Luke's support throughout the serious. Maybe a moment where Luke is upset about his father and Biggs is all sassy and funny, like YOU A DARK LORD...nah you couldn't kill a spider and making Luke Laugh.

Luke/Leia/Han- Leia and Luke consentsually tie up and Han [maybe a gag and blindfold is involved] and dom the fuck out of him. I want to see Han delirious in pleasure and begging for more cause it would be hot.

Star Wars: TFA

Han Solo/Poe Dameron - I just love this pair. Just either a fluffy scene of glad you are alive sex or Kinkiness involved

Rogue One

Jyn/Bodhi - Maybe what happens is Jyn and Bodhi survive Scariff, but Cassian who Jyn loved didn't. Jyn doesn't know how to love again....but Bodhi is of course there to Pick up the pieces and make her feel love again.

Jyn/Bodhi/Cassian - Jyn loves Cassian, but she also loves Bodhi, Bodhi loves Jyn but also loves Cassian, Cassian loves Bodhi but also loves Jyn, point is they all love each other and decide to share each other in a happy polynormous relationship.

Star Wars RPF

Carrie/Harrison -I have Four ideas giving miss Carrie Fisher the happy ending she would have wanted 1) In an AU where Harrison never got married after his second Divorce, Carrie has her Cardiac Arrest in England, either she has it just as she is about to Board the plane or she misses the flight and as shes setting up a new flight home she has it. Either way, between the book she wrote, it prompts Harrison to start a relationship with Carrie Again. 2) Same premisis as Idea one, Harrison is single, but Carrie never has the heart attack, instead, her mother dies around christmastime of 2016. While Carrie saw it coming she is distraught, however Harrison comforts her and as he does they rekindle their relationship. Carrie considers it her final gift from her mother because she got the happy ending she wanted. 3) This is more of a bittersweet ending, Carrie still passes away of a heart attack in 2016 but 40 years before Carrie and Harrison continue their relationship after the affair on the set of Star Wars. They end up having a strong 40 Year Marriage [though with bumps in the road] with three kids [which includes Billie]. Harrison reflects on his happy relationship with Carrie and is blessed to had been married to her. 4) If you don't want anything sad, you can put Harrison and Carrie got married either before the Last Jedi, or The Force Awakens and thus attend their first premiere together. Harrison gushes about how pretty Carrie is, and Harrison is a trophy Hubby in Carrie's eyes.

Agents of SHIELD

Daisy/Trip - Trip surived the events in which Daisy turned into Quake, however it turns out Trip has powers too. Basically the two of them learn to adjust to their powers.

Daisy/Robbie - Before Robbie goes back into the neverworld or wherever he was before, Daisy and Robbie make love and Robbie Promises he will return home to Daisy.

Mack/Yoyo - Mack discovers Yoyo is pregnant. He is a little jumpy knowing the last time he had a kid it ended in tragedy but Yoyo Reassures him everything is okay and it is!

Bobbi/Melinda - Just a cute domestic fic. Two super agents need some happiness once in a blue moon.

Melinda/Fitz - AU where Melinda and Fitz were paired together in the Framework as Husband and wife. Both feel weird about it, not because of the idea of it, but they actually loved the Idea of being together.

Brooklyn Nine Nine-

Charles/Rosa - Both are undercovered as Marrieds. For some bumblefuck reason, suddenly the idea of being married to Charles Boyle is appealing to Rosa.

DC Cinnematic

Steve/Diana - Steve Survives by falling through a time vortex and landing in 2017. After showing him the modern time, Diana is thrilled that Steve survived and Steve is thrilled Diana is single and thus glad you're alive sex ensues.

Harley/Floyd - Harley and Floyd are released from Prison and they raise Floyd's daughter Zoe together. Though Zoe is not her blood daughter, Harley is thrilled to be a mother because it gives her dream of a happy domestic life. It prompts Floyd and Harley to have a discussion of having a child of their own.

Stargate Atlantis

Acastus Kolya/Elizabeth Weir- It could be anything with these two. They could be negoiating for John Sheppard's release and it leads to Sex cause there was tension for a long time, they are forced to work together and it's like OH CRAP WE ARE IN LOVE! I would just like a rom com feel to these two which leds to a surprising relationship


Kara/Jimmy - I want the giant ass mess fixed from Season 2, they continued their relationship, and Jimmy was the cute supportive boyfriend being Kara's Cheerleader. Make it fluffy make it kinky just make them happy to the point where you are like MON EL WHO!


General likes: from friends to lovers, first times, BDSM [gags, blinfolds, silk ties the works], Sex, Kink, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Happy Endings or Bittersweet endings, Comfort Sex, Girl saves Guy, Domestic fics, Baby!Fics, femdom, Angst with a happy ending, Spooning, cuddling, make it really hot or really cute where I vomit rainbows

General dislikes: mpreg, death fic [except in the case of the Carrison was married for 40 years AU], unhappy endings [bittersweet endings okay], any forms of abuse especially Emotional [mentioned in passing is okay], Scat Play, Golden Showers. Otherwise I am good.
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