you half wit scruffy looking NERF HEARDER (hanorganaas) wrote,
you half wit scruffy looking NERF HEARDER

Another Bingo Card

Alrighty I got a card for angst_bingo.....I am on a roll with this thing anyway I need some prompts....fills I dont need prompts for are Drowning, Bullying, Depression and Eating Disorders (got them covering on HC Bingo so I am just gonna double up.

panic attacksdrowningbullyingbad sexguilt
dungeonsmultiple personalities crucifixiondepressiondiscovered
lacerationsusing others or being usedwildcardthe first timecraving
supernatural: gaining / losing immortalitysuperpowerscageshookersfallen angels
roofiedbroken boneseating disordersscarsisolation
Tags: adventures in writing, omfg what am i doing!!!!, writing
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